Monday, December 22, 2008

Sean "Puffy" Combs Wants To Be The Next James Bond!

Sean "Puffy" Combs wants to be the next (black) James Bond!

You know, I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand there is nothing wrong with aspiring to reach high and higher goals! I'm all for that!

But on the other hand, why can't we (as African Americans) just create our own Bond-like character?

Sean Combs (in my opinion) has come up with a great premise for introducing the Bond-like character and that was for the James Bond character to show up in New York and meet their (African American) counterpart in New York. I like that premise!

I think that it would just be better (and more inspirational) if we just created our own character(s)!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well, I Permed My Hair Again Today!

Well I permed my hair again today! It takes me about 4 hours from start to finish and sometimes it can get kind of messy but the end results (when I do it right) are well worth it! It's a lot more manageable when my hair is permed and I have more options for more different kinds of syles. (It's also the only time when I use my hair dryer!)

I know that a lot of women go to the hairdresser to get their hair permed or relaxed but I prefer to do it myself at home. It's a lot cheaper and besides I can be doing other things at the same time!

I don't have a favorite product although I try to avoid "Dark 'n Lovely" because (ironically) I think that it's too strong! The perm I used today is called "Pink" and I bought that one because because it was relatively cheaper than some of the others!

Me and my hair have a "hate / love" kind of relationship!

But now that its permed it should last me a good 3 months!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Natural Products!

I must say that I am quite a fan of bath and shower products - especially when they contain natural ingredients!

I found this picture online from a woman who makes them and sells them online. It's too bad that its hard to contact her.

She doesn't have a website and thusly no Paypal button. I don't even know if this person belongs to Ebay because I could visit her Ebay page and maybe buy her products!

Because one of the things that I enjoy doing is having a relaxing, hot bath! I used to love using Calgon's Bath Oil Beads but they are becoming harder and harder (and more expensive too!) to find!

Having a nice, hot relaxing bath also helps to take away the stress and the stressful things in my life - even if only for a little while!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Much As I Hate To Say It - We're All (including Me) Getting Older!

Just saw this ad for vericose veins and spider veins and it made me think about stretch marks!

I really don't think that there is a be all/end all solution for stretch marks - although I do use cocoa butter on them and that has seemed to make them fade a little!

I guess a lot of us strive for a perfect body - you know one with no stretch marks or veins showing, no cellulite, etc.....................

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sinbad! - I Saw Him On Television Last Night!

Sinbad is one of my most favorite comedians but I was wondering why I hadn't seen him anywhere for a while. The last time I saw him was on one of the older "episodes" of "Girlfrieds" (which has been cancelled by the way!)

He was on one of the ministry shows - on TBN I think - talking about how he was getting disappointed with the way that his career was going. There was a time when he was at a "peak where he was appearing in major budgeted movies. His HBO specials were legendary and they still are. He said that HBO considers him not controversial enough to give another special.

Sinbad is a very funny guy and I hope that with his talent he will be working again soon! I find it hard to believe that someone with such talent is having a hard time finding work in Hollywood - but then again this is Hollywood that we are talking about!


Update! - I have been thinking about this and an idea came to me! I don't know why someone hasn't done this already but I have a script idea in mind for Sinbad!

Of course now this means more work for me but this idea is just strong in my head! And after reading things like the law of attraction and how one should go for their dreams I have decided that I am going to go a head with this!

Well the very first thing that I will have to do is make a story outling!

  • next is creating and completing the story

  • next is making a screenplay out of it!

I mean if the woman who wrote "Mama Mia" can be a millionaire then why can't I!

That is an interesting story though about the woman who wrote "Mama Mia". It started out as a successful musical and now it is a movie with Meryl Streep! I heard on television that she was deeply in debt and was worrying about how she was going to pay her bill but she decided to write the story anyway! And now she is a multi-millionaire!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soul Train!

Did you know that the old episodes of Soul Train still come on - at least in my area they do! I'm talking about the older episodes where people had the big afros and the bell-bottom pants and those high-heeled shoes! Even the guest singers look great in their younger days! But of course the best thing about Soul Train was the Soul Train Line!

I just don't know what it is but that newer version of Soul Train just doesn't do it for me!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Yes I know! Cellulite is an ugly word and it became even more uglier when I realized that I saw some of it on my own body! Where did that come from!

I prided myself on having a very firm body but lately I have noticed that certain areas of my body are not so firm!

Looks like its time to go to a gym or just to exercise more!

I think one of the areas that women are most concerned with is that flabby part of the upper arms. I know that there are exercises to help firm up that part of the body and I'm going to have to have a look around to find out what those exercises are! Another problem area - the thighs! I was most proud of my legs and now my thighs are going to need some firming up too!

I am in my mid 40's and I just never thought that this kind of thing would happen to me. Naive - huh?

Friday, March 21, 2008

About My Squidoo Page

I have a Squidoo site called"

"How To Live Your Fantasies"

I have to say that I'm quite new to Squidoo

But I do like romantic things and I must say that some of the items featured look very interesting.

I am a very big fan of romance and I do believe that it has "spoiled" me in the way that I live my life.

I'm still very new to Squidoo and I'm still learning my way around. I hope to build up my Squidoo site so that it is larger and contains more content. So you can view my Squidoo site and let me know what you think about it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Really Have To Get Over My Loathing Of Doing My Income Taxes!

I should be grateful that I'm getting any income in the first place!

Second of all I think that I am the one who is just making it complicated!

I have 3 tax forms that I have to fill out yearly as far as my income taxes go! I have a local income tax called an Earned Income tax which is having to pay a local tax on one's income. Of course I have the state income tax. And last but not least there is the federal income tax forms that I have to fill out.

Believe it or not I have already completed two of them and I have one more left to go - which is my state income tax. I'm missing one form so I can either call and get the form mailed to me or I can download a copy of their income tax form from their website.

I really should be happy that I'm getting a refund as opposed to having to pay any taxes on my income.

But really I think I'm the one that is making the whole thing complicated!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I wanted to mention this website because it is a great place to go to if you're feeling bad about yourself or feeling bad about things that are going on around you.

This site is full of wonderful and inspirational articles that can help lift your spirits!

I especially like the articles that have to do with the law of attraction and living the life of your dreams!

I think that is what we all want to do - live the life of our dream!

But things like depression and just not feeling good about yourself - those kind of thoughts creep into your mind and you start to feel worse.

Hopefully this site will help you feel better about yourself.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I read a very interesting blog post from a woman who is in her twenties about the things that she wants to accomplish in her life.

That got me to thinking about the things that I want to accomplish in my life. I am very fortunate because I have accomplished the things that I have set out to do in the past. My main goal accomplishments for now include my work! I want to be finacially independent along with having an abundance of money - financial prosperity!

As I look back I realize that slowly I am accomplishing my goal. I have been making money with Google's Adsense program. For the first time I am having to declare this income on my taxes which means that I have earned money being self-employed! This is a very advanced step from where I was last year and it lets me know that I am accomplishing my financial goals - slowly but I am accomplishing them!

I'd also like to get my house more in order too. I live in an older home and there are lots of repairs that have to be done - mainly the pipes in the basement. I would also like to install some fireplaces in my home - for romance, ambience and warmth and coziness! I LOVE fireplaces!

Romance-wise I think that I am just too much under the influence of those romance movies!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Omarosa Manigault Stallworth

I am afraid that this is one person that I do not like!

She is definitely not a good role model for black women!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girlfriends Cancelled!!!!!!

Just heard on my local radio talk show that the show "Girlfriends" has been cancelled!

Even though I enjoyed watching the show I can't say that I'm too surprised that the show has been cancelled. I'm surprised that it has been on for THIS long! Why? First of all "intelligent" black shows don't seem to stay on the air very long.

Secondly the whole "network" thing just reminds me of how abruptly a show can be cancelled.

I was afraid for the show when the CW network was first announced.

I was afraid for the show again when the "Toni" character didn't return. I have read a few accounts of why the actress didn't return to the show and I just get the feeling that it was for a reason not of the actress's fault.

Since hearing about this just today I did some surfing around online to see if I can find out more information about the show being cancelled.

Here is a link to the person /website that first broke the story

Here is a link to where you can boycott the decision to cancel "Girlfriends" or fire off an angry email

Friday, February 1, 2008

I Really Have To Learn To Become More Patient!

I turn on my computer and can't wait to get started! Of course it takes a while before my computer is ready!

I really do have to learn to become more patient! I want things to be ready right away! And it's ironic really because I know that when I do things on a more relaxed basis that they happen more quickly and more easily. But sometimes I just don't remember this or I do remember this but I still want things to go more quickly. I have to learn to relax more!

I get easily frustrated when things don't go exactly my way and more times than not I want things to go perfectly!

I get frustrated with work and I get frustrated because things aren't going the way that I want them to. In this instance I have to focus on what it is I want!

Have you ever heard of the "law of attraction"? It states that what we focus on we attract! I'm trying to attract more financial wealth into my life and the problem lies with the word "trying". I have to focus on what it is I want (which is financial wealth), act as though I already have it and the "law of attraction" states that it will come into my life. The more I feel worry or frustration the more obstacles I am putting in the way of what it is that I really want.

There are some days when the days go good but then I will have an anxiety attack or start worrying. I'm really going to have to work on that!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unfortunately My Teeth Are Not In The Best Of Condition!

I was thinking about this while I was eating dinner and a small piece of tooth broke off. It's nothing major but when it happened I thought "oh well more work for the dentist to do when I go to them". It's been quite a while since I have been to the dentist and the problem, of course, is the lack of money to do so.

I know that when I do go to the dentist it will probably cost a lot because there is a lot of work that has to be done to my teeth. There were quite a few times when I was in so much pain from my gums hurting that I probably took more aspirin than I should. Taking a lot of aspirin made me feel stuffed up but aspirin is all I had at the time - and there were quite a few times when I didn't even have the aspirin! Fortunately I haven't had that kind of pain in a long time.

I know that there is a lot of talk about providing low cost dental care but so far that is all that it is - talk!

So a trip to the dentist is on my "list" of things to do.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Don Imus?

Well imagine my surprise when I looked at my TV Guide to see that Don Imus is back on the air again! I probably thought that he was going to be back on the air again but I just didn't expect it to be so soon!

I'm kind of surprised that he is back on TV again - although the station he was on was one of the channels from my Direct TV channels and its a station that I have never heard of before.

But it also made me think of something else and that is "second chances". Is it really naive for me to think that he would never be let back on the air (although I thought that he might turn up on paid radio like Howard Stern) after the things that he said?

Look at Britney Spears and what's going on in her life which looks like turmoil to me but yet and still she has come out with a critically acclaimed album.

I'm not saying that everybody deserves a second chance but it looks like they are getting it - one way or another!