Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barack Obama - His Critics!

It seems that Barack Obama, our President, has been getting criticism from "African American supporters" such as the actor Danny Glover!

In my honest opinion I think that this President has done far more better than that last President that we had! I realize that more can be done - especially to help people save their homes from foreclosure but Barack Obama has implemented some good financial assistance programs that have helped some people. Remember the "cash for clunkers" program? If you're in a more charitable mood you could also donate your car to charity as another option.

I remember back during the election when the excitement was in the air because Barack Obama was going to be our first African American president. People turned out in droves to vote! I just remember that whole day as a day of excitement and energy!

I know that we still do have a lot of financial problems and financial difficulties that need to be addressed bur I would much rather prefer Barack Obama over that last president that we had!

Do I think that Barack Obama is doing a good job? Actually yes I do! I mean I'm not a millionairemillionaire yet and I'm not without financial problems (I work at home) - but I'm still glad that Barack Obama is our President of the Untied States!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Cold Morning!

Well I woke up with a bit of a cold this morning! The temperature here in Philly is in the 50's and I'm up before sunrise so its still very dark outside!

It's a good thing that I work from home because I thought I would get a little computer work done before I go eat breakfast! I'm giving it some time to get light outside before I go downstairs to eat breakfast.

I seem to have a bit of a cold - woke up sniffling and sneezing! I think it had to do with me going outside yesterday to buy a few groceries and feeling some of that chilly air and wind as I went to the store.

So now its time to dress warmly and drink some tea with honey and lemon!

I can definitely feel the temperatures getting cooler and it seems that summer went by so fast! The kids have started to go back to school and I can see the leaves changing colors.

Now its time for me to get ready for the winter. That means lots of hot chocolate and buying some rock salt so that I'll have it ready for when it snows!

I'll also have to check the radiators because I heard the water running through them which means they are trying to come on.

So for now I'm working on getting rid of this cold that I have. I think some nice hot chicken soup would be good for me now!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BBBW - What Does It Mean?


stands for "Big, beautiful woman (women)"


stands for "Big, beautiful black woman" which is exactly what I am!

Believe me there are many of us around and it seems that BBBWs have a lot of admirers!

Being a BBBW doesn't mean that you have to feel ashamed of who you are or how you look. It means being proud of yourself and having enough confidence to say I am proud to be a BBBW!

There are lots of BBBW sites online and they don't all have to do with sex - in fact you could start a BBBW site of your own just to talk about yourself and you can post pictures of yourself if you want - just to show that not all BBBW sites have to do with sex!

When I find some BBBW related sites I will post them here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Village Private Moments"

I LOVE relaxing in a nice, relaxing and luxurious bath! It helps to take the stress away and it just makes me feel sooooo much better!

I found this product called "Village Private Moments" and its a bath product in the form of bath tablets that melt in your bath water. This was back some time ago and I really must have loved this product because I have sent them a letter because I was having a hard time trying to find this product in the stores! They wrote me back saying that they are finding it hard to provide their products in some stores because of the limited space and how it all depends on whether the stores decide to carry the product(s).

So I am really on the hunt for this particular product because I love it so much!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Guess I Should Explain What A Keloid Is.......

As far as I could find out a keloid is when you have a break in the skin and it doesn't heal correctly! I was going to post a picture that I found on the Internet but they were just too disgusting to look at! As a matter of fact I kind of consider myself lucky because the keloid that I have doesn't look as bad as some of the pictures I have seen on the Internet!

Mine seems to be prone to infection as I am feeling it right now. It's 70 degrees and I'm sweating - which is a good sign of infection but I am taking care of myself. I am washing my hands often and I'm taking it a little bit more easier - even though I do feel a little guilty about taking it easy. I work from home so what could be more easier than that!

I have thought about getting rid of my keloid but the cortisone treatments that I have had in the past were very expensive but I may try them again at a later date.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Feeling A Little Under The Weather Today!

Actually it has been for a few days now!

I have this keloid on my body and sometimes it will get infected - meaning that it will fill up with pus and then it will burst! It has been quite painful as I feel my skin pulling!

There was a time when I went to a skin doctor and they injected cortisone into it and that made the keloid go down. It has been a while since I had that done and the reason why I haven't gotten it done again is because (at the time) it costs about $40 per session - so that's why I haven't been back!

I have seen on the Internet where they have this new thing now which looks something like padding that you are supposed to put over the keloid and that is supposed to make it go down. But again cost is a major concern as these things can cost $100 and up!

I'm getting quite familiar with my symptoms now like my gums expanding and hurting and sometimes throbbing. I also seem to be having headaches but that could be stress just as well. I'm also alternating between being very hot - sweating like a pig - and getting chills!

I know that as soon as the keloid bursts and all the pus is out that I will go back to feeling regular again but since I'm just getting the symptoms now it may take as much as a week or more!

In the meantime I'm trying my best to get myself better more faster by washing my hands more and drinking plenty of fluids. I'm also trying to take it easy more and trying not to stress as much!

It would be great if I could afford being able to go back to the doctor and get another shot. I would even try out the pads that I saw online.

It really is terrible to be sick. I can't even afford to buy some aspirin! Ain't that a blip!

Well anyways I'm trying to not let it get me down! There are a lot of things that I have to be grateful for and at least I have had this kind of thing before so I know what to expect. Of course I wish that it would just go away so that I can go back to feeling good again!

But I'm taking one day at a time!

It's a very good thing that I work at home because I can take it a little bit more easier while I work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Michelle Obama Fan Club

I was on my Facebook site and saw this very interesting fan club for Michelle Obama! I quickly joined because I am quite a fan of Michelle Obama!

I think that she is very inspirational and I hope that she shows all little girls (and us big girls too) that nothing is impossible!

The "We Love Michelle Obama" Fan Page

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weather Is Getting More Warmer And Humid....

and my hair is not liking it one bit!

I don't like the way my hair "sweats" out when it is humid so I usually use a perm relaxer to relax my hair and that lasts me for about 3 months!

I let my last perm wear out and can tell that it is gone because my hair is so frizzy! So its time for another perm relax!

I hate to say it though but first I'm gonna need some money to buy the relaxer because one of the good ones costs an average around $7! Wouldn't it be great if I could get some kind of government grant or financial assistance to get my hair "did"? I mean it's not like I'm going to a beauty salon to get my hair done. For the last several years I have been perming my own hair and I think I like it better that way!

Hopefully I'll be able to rustle up some money so that I can buy what I want! I don't know about how the current economy is affecting you but for me I have chosen to believe that where there is a will there is a way! Just because I don't have the money today doesn't mean that I won't have it tomorrow!

It could also be a "test" of some kind. In times of turmoil what does my heart say! To be quite honest my heart says to have faith! I have chosen my career as a writer and online entrepreneur and if this is a test to see if I waver or doubt my chosen career then I'm going to face it head on! What's the saying that I always hear?

Never Give Up!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am A Big Fan Of Kimora Lee Simmons!

I have to admit that I am quite a big fan of Kimora Lee Simmons! Her life seems to be so glamorous and she seems to have a lot of money and is wealthy and all of that! In fact, at first I have to admit that I was a little bit jealous of her!

But I have been watching her show "Life In The Fab Lane" for some time now and I realize that there is a lot more to her life than just gorgeous clothes, having a lot of money and being friends with celebrities!

The thing that stands out most is that she is the head of a fashion company! And it was interesting to hear that the clothing line first only started with just a T-shirt line! Her company has come a long way from there!

I do seem to remember her saying that she shows her lifefstyle to people so that they can see that it is always possible to make one's dreams come true.

I think that she is truly an inspiration!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's Dress For The Inauguration Ball(s)

So it seems that everyone is talking about the dress that Michelle Obama wore to the Inauguration Balls. Her dress was designed by Jason Wu who is not well known but after today I'm sure that he will be!

So far I have liked her choice in clothing. Her style seems to be quite conservative and modestly made. Although I didn't like that red and black dress that she wore, overall I still like her choice in clothing!

Earlier in the day, Michelle Obama won applause from style-watchers for the sparkling yellow sheath dress with matching coat by a Cuban-born American designer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama! Our New President!

Barack Obama has been sworn in as our 44th President of The United States!

Inauguration day was today and I watched as Barack Obama was sworn in! There are reports that there were over 1 Million people there and it surely did look like it! This is definitely a historic day!

What did I think of Michelle Obama's clothing? I liked it! It just seemed to be appropriate to wear the color yellow which some signify as the color of "hope".

Here are some Barack Obama - related links:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody!

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Suffice it to say that I kind of slept through it myself this year.

I was so tired and so sleepy that I went to bed real early on New Year's Eve! I must have been real tired because I even slept through the sounds of the fireworks!

What are my New Year's Resolutions? I have just one and that is to be a millionaire!