Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Really Have To Get Over My Loathing Of Doing My Income Taxes!

I should be grateful that I'm getting any income in the first place!

Second of all I think that I am the one who is just making it complicated!

I have 3 tax forms that I have to fill out yearly as far as my income taxes go! I have a local income tax called an Earned Income tax which is having to pay a local tax on one's income. Of course I have the state income tax. And last but not least there is the federal income tax forms that I have to fill out.

Believe it or not I have already completed two of them and I have one more left to go - which is my state income tax. I'm missing one form so I can either call and get the form mailed to me or I can download a copy of their income tax form from their website.

I really should be happy that I'm getting a refund as opposed to having to pay any taxes on my income.

But really I think I'm the one that is making the whole thing complicated!

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