Sunday, March 9, 2008


I read a very interesting blog post from a woman who is in her twenties about the things that she wants to accomplish in her life.

That got me to thinking about the things that I want to accomplish in my life. I am very fortunate because I have accomplished the things that I have set out to do in the past. My main goal accomplishments for now include my work! I want to be finacially independent along with having an abundance of money - financial prosperity!

As I look back I realize that slowly I am accomplishing my goal. I have been making money with Google's Adsense program. For the first time I am having to declare this income on my taxes which means that I have earned money being self-employed! This is a very advanced step from where I was last year and it lets me know that I am accomplishing my financial goals - slowly but I am accomplishing them!

I'd also like to get my house more in order too. I live in an older home and there are lots of repairs that have to be done - mainly the pipes in the basement. I would also like to install some fireplaces in my home - for romance, ambience and warmth and coziness! I LOVE fireplaces!

Romance-wise I think that I am just too much under the influence of those romance movies!

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