Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sinbad! - I Saw Him On Television Last Night!

Sinbad is one of my most favorite comedians but I was wondering why I hadn't seen him anywhere for a while. The last time I saw him was on one of the older "episodes" of "Girlfrieds" (which has been cancelled by the way!)

He was on one of the ministry shows - on TBN I think - talking about how he was getting disappointed with the way that his career was going. There was a time when he was at a "peak where he was appearing in major budgeted movies. His HBO specials were legendary and they still are. He said that HBO considers him not controversial enough to give another special.

Sinbad is a very funny guy and I hope that with his talent he will be working again soon! I find it hard to believe that someone with such talent is having a hard time finding work in Hollywood - but then again this is Hollywood that we are talking about!


Update! - I have been thinking about this and an idea came to me! I don't know why someone hasn't done this already but I have a script idea in mind for Sinbad!

Of course now this means more work for me but this idea is just strong in my head! And after reading things like the law of attraction and how one should go for their dreams I have decided that I am going to go a head with this!

Well the very first thing that I will have to do is make a story outling!

  • next is creating and completing the story

  • next is making a screenplay out of it!

I mean if the woman who wrote "Mama Mia" can be a millionaire then why can't I!

That is an interesting story though about the woman who wrote "Mama Mia". It started out as a successful musical and now it is a movie with Meryl Streep! I heard on television that she was deeply in debt and was worrying about how she was going to pay her bill but she decided to write the story anyway! And now she is a multi-millionaire!

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