Friday, November 9, 2012

Michelle Obama Can Be An Example To Us All!


I'm all for staying healthy and fit and the first lady, Michelle Obama is a perfect example of that! Her body is very toned and - of course - she looks great! But I, like many other women would LOVE to learn how to tone one's upper arms!

I found an online article about "getting one's arms to look like Michelle Obama".

Of course another great concern for many of us (and yes I am including myself) is what is the best way to lose weight or just how to lose weight. It's a pretty big concern because a lot of people - me, included - are overweight and need to lose weight . Of course being overweight is not healthy and the more over-weight one is, the more stress it puts on the heart and body. Believe me I know about this just by the way that I "huff and puff" when I'm walking for a period of time.

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