Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kimora Lee Simons - Life In The Fab Lane!

Kimora Lee Simons

Life In The Fab Lane!

I do have to say that I love watching this show. I'm also a little jealous of Kimora Lee's lifestyle. Now mind you I said a "little" bit jealous!

You see first of all I don't have any kids so I really don't know what its like having to take care of kids but I'm sure that it makes your life quite busy no matter how rich you are!

She also has a lot of people around her, stylists, assistants and that is just too many people for me!

She is also the head of a big fashion empire and no matter how glamours that looks there is also a lot of headaches!

But I am jealous of her money and I am jealous of her gorgeous clothes but I know that I would want to have the exact same life that she does.

11/14/07 - I have been watching this show for a while now. I have even watched the reruns more than a few times. I like seeing her lifestyle, the clothes, how she runs her business and how she is a mother to her kids. But I don't think that I could stand having all of those people around me

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Fantasy said...

I was watching the last episode where her publicist came to her and said that "Source" magazine wanted to do a feature story on her but she wanted a cover story.

She got it BUT she showed up 5 hours late to the photo shoot.

I guess this is the true definition of what a "diva" is