Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Feeling A Little Under The Weather Today!

Actually it has been for a few days now!

I have this keloid on my body and sometimes it will get infected - meaning that it will fill up with pus and then it will burst! It has been quite painful as I feel my skin pulling!

There was a time when I went to a skin doctor and they injected cortisone into it and that made the keloid go down. It has been a while since I had that done and the reason why I haven't gotten it done again is because (at the time) it costs about $40 per session - so that's why I haven't been back!

I have seen on the Internet where they have this new thing now which looks something like padding that you are supposed to put over the keloid and that is supposed to make it go down. But again cost is a major concern as these things can cost $100 and up!

I'm getting quite familiar with my symptoms now like my gums expanding and hurting and sometimes throbbing. I also seem to be having headaches but that could be stress just as well. I'm also alternating between being very hot - sweating like a pig - and getting chills!

I know that as soon as the keloid bursts and all the pus is out that I will go back to feeling regular again but since I'm just getting the symptoms now it may take as much as a week or more!

In the meantime I'm trying my best to get myself better more faster by washing my hands more and drinking plenty of fluids. I'm also trying to take it easy more and trying not to stress as much!

It would be great if I could afford being able to go back to the doctor and get another shot. I would even try out the pads that I saw online.

It really is terrible to be sick. I can't even afford to buy some aspirin! Ain't that a blip!

Well anyways I'm trying to not let it get me down! There are a lot of things that I have to be grateful for and at least I have had this kind of thing before so I know what to expect. Of course I wish that it would just go away so that I can go back to feeling good again!

But I'm taking one day at a time!

It's a very good thing that I work at home because I can take it a little bit more easier while I work.

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