Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barack Obama - His Critics!

It seems that Barack Obama, our President, has been getting criticism from "African American supporters" such as the actor Danny Glover!

In my honest opinion I think that this President has done far more better than that last President that we had! I realize that more can be done - especially to help people save their homes from foreclosure but Barack Obama has implemented some good financial assistance programs that have helped some people. Remember the "cash for clunkers" program? If you're in a more charitable mood you could also donate your car to charity as another option.

I remember back during the election when the excitement was in the air because Barack Obama was going to be our first African American president. People turned out in droves to vote! I just remember that whole day as a day of excitement and energy!

I know that we still do have a lot of financial problems and financial difficulties that need to be addressed bur I would much rather prefer Barack Obama over that last president that we had!

Do I think that Barack Obama is doing a good job? Actually yes I do! I mean I'm not a millionairemillionaire yet and I'm not without financial problems (I work at home) - but I'm still glad that Barack Obama is our President of the Untied States!

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