Friday, December 7, 2007

The Christmas "Spirit"?

I asked my brother if he was going to decorate his apartment for Christmas and he said to me "What's the point?". I think that this is very sad. The one time I didn't decorate for Christmas was the time that I just did not have any money for presents and I also figured "what's the point?". As sad as it sounds I'm glad that I went through this experience because it helped me to appreciate the Christmas season even more. It's not just about Christmas Eve and Christmas day but the days leading up to Christmas.

Even with all the bad news about people shooting at malls and such people still have the holiday spirit in them and when they show it it becomes quite contagious!

I doubt that my brother will change his mind about decorating his apartment for the holiday but for me I'm doing the decorating thing! I even have a gift already under my tree!

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