Friday, October 26, 2007


I talked with my brother recently and he was telling me how bored he was. He has been having some health-related proboems lately and he is very "down" on himself. He thinks that nobody would want him in his current (or any) position.

I don't think that this is a good attitude for him to have. It's borderline depression - at least it sounds that way to me.

He thinks that just because he doesn't have much money that he can't do anything. speaking as someone who hasn't had much money at times I know that you can be able to things without having to have money. I know he has a computer and he has internet access and he could certainly find something to do with that. In fact he likes being on the computer and there are surely enough things online that can keep one busy for awhile.

I don't like hearing him talk about how bored he is - like I said it sounds like bordeline depression. There is so much that he has to offer and there's so much out there (even if he only uses his computer to get there) to do and see.

I try to uplift his spirits but he is so determined that he "is what he is" that its like talking to a brick wall!

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